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Kindle With More Than MagicA few people want to read my book, but don’t have an eReader, such as an Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook. They would like to find some other way to read More Than Magic. There are a number of other ways to read an eBook that don’t involve investing in an eReader. The wonderful Lisa Parkin wrote a guide a while back and I am digesting it here for those of you who need it.

In your browser

Chrome (the Google browser) provides two free apps that let you read a book in your browser – Google Play Books and the Nook Reading App. Both are available in the Chrome Web Store. All you need is an account, either at Google Play Books or Barnes & Noble, to buy the book and read it with your app in Chrome.

You can also use the Kindle Cloud Reader to read any eBook you purchase at Amazon in any browser. It is available here.

This method is good if you have both a home and work computer or a laptop and home computer and you want to read books on both.

On your computer

Both the Kindle and the Nook have free software you can download to read books on your computer. Here for the Kindle and here for the Nook.

I use the one for the Kindle when I need to do research in non-fiction eBooks. It gives me (1) a bigger screen, (2) a faster search capability, and (3) an ability to copy and paste into documents on my computer.

This method works best for those who have just one computer they would want to use to read books.

On your smartphone or tablet

And of course, there are apps for iPhones/iPads and Android devices that let you read on the go from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google.

This method is best for you if you access almost everything on your smartphone or tablet.

What about you?

Do you know of any other methods to read an eBook without an eReader? If so, please comment here or on my Facebook status. Thanks!

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