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shutterstock_24707608Some of my favorite music is soundtrack music. While most people are paying attention to the story on the screen, I’m mentally noting that the music is really making an impact on how that story is received. Invariably, on hearing my favorite pieces, people comment “Where have I heard that? I know that music from somewhere.” To me, that’s the sign of a good soundtrack.

And when I write, I construct a soundtrack, adding entire albums, then ruthlessly deleting songs when I find my writing flow stuttering, until I have the perfect soundtrack that just seamlessly weaves itself around the story and settles in around my writing, pushing the action, ramping up the tension, or resolving it. It may be ten songs, it may be four, and some may play on a continuous loop as I pound out a given scene. But as you peruse my list, having read the book and checking my clues I hope you can figure out where some of the pieces go.

I will make one admission. Although, obviously, most of the songs fit my Appalachian setting, when it comes to love scenes, I’m afraid my own life tends to elbow in. In most cases when I am writing a love scene, my fall back is Italian love songs, in Italian. . . because my husband loved to sing to me.

Going Home by Mary Fahl – Gods and Generals soundtrack – I hear this whenever anyone is driving up Woodruff Mountain road toward the farm.

Valley of the Shadow by Thomas Newman – Little Women soundtrack – This one plays whenever Grace thinks of her Pops.

I Will Find You by Clannad – The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack – When Grace understands what she has to do to save Nick and proceeds to do it, I hear this in the background.

The Kiss by Trevor Jones – The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack – This is the accompaniment for Grace running on, and beneath, the mountain.

Cora by Randy Edelman – The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack – I hear this one when Grace finds Nick at last, and “fixes” things.

Pieces of a Story by Randy Edelman – The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack – With that lovely echoing flute and spooky feel, when do you think this fits?

Gira Con Me Questa Notte by Josh Groban – Josh Groban – If you can’t figure this one out. . .

Under the Umbrella by Thomas Newman – Little Women soundtrack – And there are no umbrellas needed for this scene, only stars falling.



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