Release Day Countdown & Giveaway – Day 26

Counting down to release day for Mostly Magic and reminding everyone about our big giveaway, which you can go enter HERE. Also sharing some interesting quotes, facts, and quips about bees! Why bees? Because in Mostly Magic, the heroine, an environmental journalist, is trying to figure out the oh-so-sexy-but-eccentric beekeeper hero, while he’s trying to #SaveTheBees and her life.

You never know when you might need to use information like this. Winning trivia contests, yelling answers at Jeopardy contestants, impressing family at backyard barbecues…

Honeybee hives “swarm” in order to reproduce. The hive itself – the superorganism – reproduces by splitting, with 75% of the worker bees and the original queen going off to a new location. There is a queen larva left in the hive with lots of worker eggs ready to hatch. Meanwhile, the departing swarm finds somewhere to hang out until their scouts find them a new home.

So when you see a swarm like this “hanging out” on your car, on your fence, or on your house, don’t panic. Call a beekeeper (NOT an exterminator). Beekeepers will LOVE to capture a healthy queen and her swarm. And besides as Dr. Daniel says in Mostly Magic, swarming bees are “…about as calm and content as they can be at this stage.” Why? Because the old queen and her workers gorge themselves on honey before they take off. They are basically fat and happy househunters.


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