Release Day Countdown & Giveaway – Day 18

Counting down to release day for Mostly Magic and reminding everyone about our big giveaway, which you can go enter HERE. Also sharing some interesting quotes, facts, and quips about bees! Why bees? Because in Mostly Magic, the heroine, an environmental journalist, is trying to figure out the oh-so-sexy-but-eccentric beekeeper hero, while he’s trying to #SaveTheBees and her life.

You never know when you might need to use information like this. Winning trivia contests, yelling answers at Jeopardy contestants, impressing family at backyard barbecues…

In the winter, honeybees keep the queen and the hive alive by clustering and using the same muscles they use to power their wings to produce heat. Just like emperor penguins, as the ones on the outside of the cluster get cold, they migrate inward and warmer bees migrate to the outside. The temperature in a well regulated hive never falls below 63 degrees F, even when the outside temperature drops to -20.


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