Release Day Countdown & Giveaway – Day 4

Counting down to release day for Mostly Magic and reminding everyone about our big giveaway, which you can go enter HERE. Also sharing some interesting quotes, facts, and quips about bees! Why bees? Because in Mostly Magic, the heroine, an environmental journalist, is trying to figure out the oh-so-sexy-but-eccentric beekeeper hero, while he’s trying to #SaveTheBees and her life.

You never know when you might need to use information like this. Winning trivia contests, yelling answers at Jeopardy contestants, impressing family at backyard barbecues…

Drones from different hives congregate, literally hanging out together in a given area away from the hives, waiting for virgin queens to show up. Seriously. It’s like speed dating for bees – only it’s speed mating. And the poor drone dies afterward. So, for honey bee drones, the “little death” is literal, bless their hearts.

As you see from the photo below, the drone has much larger eyes, a bigger body, and no stinger. The drone is built specifically to see the virgin queen and to have the “muscle” to fly high enough and hard enough to successfully mate. Since the stinger on a worker bee is a modified egg-depositing organ and since drones do not have any responsibility for defending the hive, drones do not require a stinger. They have one assigned job and they sacrifice their lives to do it.


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