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There are two things that are essential to my writing process, one is music, the other is visuals—photos, maps, blueprints. And of course, for visuals, I use Pinterest. I am continually pinning things, for already published books, for books under construction, and for books that are just wisps of idea.

For this book, Mostly Magic, there was such a rich cache of visual images to play with. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


TerraceFirst, my very favorite city in all the world – Florence, or Firenze, Italia. Talk about a rich cache. All I can give you on my Pinterest board is a taste. This particular photo is of the terrace at the top of the Hotel Loggiato dei Serviti that plays a key role in the book.

I actually had a discussion with an editor who was familiar with Florence and didn’t think you could see Il Duomo from that room. This is when the internet is your friend. As you can see, you really can see Il Duomo from that room.

Second, another rich source of visual images – Scarborough Renaissance Festival – which, although brief, plays a bit of a role in the book. I have spent many lovely hours at this particular faire. Great fun plus costumes and finger food!

These lovely fairies were captured by Artist at Play wearing outfits just a tad skimpier than Mel’s (the heroine’s) usual garb when assisting her magician father. If you have never been to a Renaissance faire, give it a try. You might run into a prince!



And of course, the characters. Some readers prefer to picture the characters for themselves, which is why my Pinterest boards have warning screens so you don’t have to see the characters if you don’t want to. So, *WARNING*, if you don’t want to see the characters as I visualize them in my head, you might want to skip this part.


As you can tell if you explore my Pinterest boards, there is no one individual who absolutely matches my visual of any of my Mostly Magic characters. I have to say though, that when I wrote Daniel Woodruff in the very first book of the series, I saw someone who looked a lot like Orlando Bloom in my head. Tall, lanky, long dark hair, and with what I call that “I-can-see-things-you-can’t-see-and -I-don’t-want-to” look. Yum.


Then there was Mel. I could never find really close to the Mel I had in my head. KaNaXa, the wonderful cover artist for Mostly Magic, gives us just a hint of Keira Knightley with intense blue eyes in her rendition of Mel. Another option is the irrepressible Jennifer Lawrence, whose hair and eyes and personality would come very close to our petite force-of-nature, Mel.



Origami, as you can probably tell from the cover, plays a key role in the book. (And yes, I know, it is such a funny and suggestive word!) Mel creates origami figures for her father’s magic show and for relaxation. These little green fellows are her favorites for handing out at her father’s magic shows, and for distracting adorable eccentric scientists. In addition, there is a You Tube link on my Pinterest board that shows you how to make a jumping frog out of a playing card, just as Mel does in the book.

As you can see, research for writing a romance can be fun and educational. I hope you enjoyed this little foray through the images in my head!

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