Inspirations: Falling Into the Sky

I want to share with you some of the things that serve as inspiration for my writing. Hopefully you won’t feel as if you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole once you follow me into the twists and turns of my creative process!

In More Than Magic, Grace Woodruff introduces Nick McKenzie to Star Crossing Meadow on Woodruff Mountain and the wonderful experience of “falling into the sky”. (And no, I am not referring to the rather steamy encounter the two of them had on that blanket in Star Crossing Meadow. *winks*)

Have you ever been out in the country, far away from the lights of the city, and preferably high above the haze and smog, and laid on your back beneath a cloudless, night sky? If so, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

I did this once on a beach beside an icy cold lake in the mountains not far from where the Books of the Kindling are set. There is a point, lying there in the quiet gazing up at the lights flung across the sky, when you realize you are gazing up at the center of our galaxy as it pinwheels through the universe. And then you remember that the Earth you are resting on is spinning as it goes. For that moment, you briefly feel weightless, as if you could fall into that starry expanse.

It is no wonder that Grace’s grandfather demanded that she go out and lie under the stars now and again to “get her head on straight”. Gazing up at that limitless beauty does tend to put things into perspective, doesn’t it?


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