Read What I Like Review for Making Magic – 5 Stars

Making MagicMaking Magic just got it’s first book blogger review – and it is a lovely one!

Amy Softa at Read What I Like gave Making Magic a FIVE Star rating! A couple of great quotes from the review:

“This series continues to develop in richness and complexity and the author is really coming into her own with her writing. This is probably my favorite of the series so far and I expect even better things in future books of this series. I had thought when I started this series that it was going to be a trilogy, but after finishing this book (and checking the authors website) I see that there are going to be at least three more to go.”

“Jake was the love interest for Thea and they were a fun match. I loved how they were pitted against each other in the beginning of the book. You could see the chemistry there but neither wanted to fess up to an attraction.”

“I like how Ms. Cooper is getting bolder with her writing and we see more magical elements working their way into her world. She is growing as a writer but continues to stay true to the type of story she wants to tell. I expect only good things to come in future books.”

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Read What I Like

Thank you, Amy!

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