Everything Big Starts Small

There is a scene in More Than Magic that is very close to my heart. It is a conversation between Dr. Grace Woodruff and Nick McKenzie and is one of the reasons that a lot of my promotional material is about saving the fireflies (and the bees) one at a time:

“When I started med school, Pops said that if I was a true physician, not only a doctor, at some point I’d get overwhelmed by the thought of all the sickness out there in the world. And then—then he reminded me of the fireflies.”

Nick waited.

“He reminded me that my part wasn’t to try to save all the fireflies in the world, trapped in their jars. My part was to save the one right in front of me.”

Nick smiled. “Saving the world, one firefly at a time.”

There is another similar story that you may be familiar with involving starfish. I have used it many times when someone uses the argument that one person cannot make a difference, that our small actions can’t stop a larger evil, that you are fighting a battle you can never win.

And now there is an award-winning documentary called “The Starfish Throwers” that shows you that, no matter how huge the problem that you are fighting, your impact can ripple much further than your individual actions.

Open the jar. Save the firefly.

Plant a wildflower. Save the bee.

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Just do something, no matter how small.

Everything big starts small.


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