Winter 2015 Newsletter Giveaway

The latest giveaway in my newsletter is complete. The challenge was for newsletter subscribers to answer some multiple choice questions about the Books of the Kindling. The prize was the lovely print below or a $5 Amazon Gift Card to the person who answered the most questions correctly.
We had two winners who answered every single question correctly. Rather than flip a coin, they both win! I would say they qualify as expert readers. Congratulations Mary G and Jane H!

Here are the questions and answers.

Q. What does Jamie Lynn call the area on the mountain where GPS and compasses don’t work?
a. The Woodruff Black Hole
b. The Woodruff Dead Zone
c. The Woodruff Triangle


Q. In the Appalachian mountains, a mountain lion or Eastern cougar is often referred to as…
a. A Screamer
b. Clingman’s Cat
c. A Painter


Q. Male bees or drones exist only to…
a. Work
b. Make babies
c. Protect the hive
d. All the above


Q. The classic Florence street food, lampredotto, is actually…
a. Pig’s intestines
b. Lamb’s feet
c. Cow’s stomach


Q. The martial art that Daniel Woodruff practices is…
a. Taekwondo
b. Aikido
c. Karate


Q. The musical instruments that Aaron and Emmy Croate make are called…
a. Ocarinas
b. Dulcimers
c. Psalteries


Q. The title of the book Daniel and Mel are compiling of Pop’s stories and fables is…
a. Firefly Tales
b. Open the Jar
c. Following the Woodsman


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