Spring 2015 Newsletter Giveaway

The latest giveaway in my newsletter is complete. The challenge was for newsletter subscribers to answer some multiple choice questions about the Books of the Kindling. The prize was the miniature light up firefly jar below and a choice of one of the lovely firefly necklaces shown or a $10 Amazon Gift Card to the person who answered the most questions correctly.
Once again, we had two winners who answered every single question correctly. Rather than flip a coin, they both win! I would say they qualify as expert readers. Congratulations Lysette L and Claire H!

Here are the questions and answers.

Q. The dish that Nick McKenzie whips up from leftovers in More Than Magic, is…
a. Enchiladas
b. A frittata
c. Irish stew


Q. The bongo that Daniel Woodruff discovers in Mostly Magic is…
a. A dessert consisting of a pile of cream filled pastry topped by chocolate sauce
b. One of the largest of the African antelopes
c. A percussion instrument made up of two small drums attached to each other


Q. In Mostly Magic, Mel has a t-shirt that she particularly treasures, what does it depict?
a. Her favorite place in Florence, the statue of Duke Ferdinando de Medici.
b. An big green origami frog
c. The Magician card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck


Q. In Making Magic, the pottery jar of Woodruff honey that Daniel and Mel give each of their wedding guests is called a…
a. Douceur
b. Petit cadeau
c. Bomboniere


Q. Jamie Lynn Campbell, the Woodruffs young neighbor, is a real prodigy at…
a. Botany
b. Math
c. Astronomy


Q. Ouida, the Woodruff’s surrogate grandmother (and fantastic cook), nicknamed their fancy espresso machine…
a. Spock
b. Bilbo
c. Smaug


Q. Thea found Bailey, the mixed breed dog that she rescues in Making Magic, at a…
a. Truck stop
b. Rest stop
c. Convenience store

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