Special Holiday Newsletter Giveaway

Just in time for the Holidays, our newsletter has an exciting giveaway underway for subscribers. It’s a really fun contest this time. Very easy questions and its open book! The answers are all in the newsletter! Lots of chances to win the prizes below!

Every prize package includes my own little bag of swag, including an autographed bookmark, a special rubber jar opener, a packet of “Bee the Change” wildflower seeds, and an autographed author card.


First prize is autographed paperback copies of More Than Magic, Mostly Magic and Making Magic plus my little bag of swag.

My Books

Second prize is your choice of any one of the three paperback Books of the Kindling above, autographed, plus my little bag of swag.

Third prize is a miniature light-up firefly jar (the little one on the left below) plus my little bag of swag.


In addition, the Holiday newsletter gives subscribers a sneak peek at the next three Books of the Kindling, so sign up for my newsletter (in the sidebar on the right ==> or by clicking on the image of my newsletter below) so you can win some cool stuff too!


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