Fantastical New Review of More Than Magic

More Than Magic

Noah Chinn at Noah Chinn Books just posted his detailed review of More Than Magic. Actually of the entire Books of the Kindling series. This review was originally posted in the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. (In the interest of full disclosure, Noah is my editor, but he is also an author and a big ole geek like me!)

A few great quotes from the review:

“We have a generation of geek girls all grown up and looking for something saucier in their reads. Not only that, they’re writing these stories as well.”

“More Than Magic, by Donna June Cooper, is a story that will appeal to fans of books and movies like Practical Magic or TV series like Haven. It’s part of an ongoing series (Books of the Kindling) which each feature couples who have been trying to hide the fact that they have supernatural abilities.”

“Environmentalism also plays an ongoing theme….all done with a great degree of research but never coming off as preachy.”

“For those who really like to get into a series and not just have more of the same each time around, this story arc is going to have long term appeal as it unfolds.”

“I’d recommend this series for full on geek girls or those just with geek tendencies.”

Noah Chinn

Thank you, Noah!

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