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All three of the Books of the Kindling are now newly revamped and newly refurbished. And all three are going to be up and available on online retail sites (and by order at your local bookstore) within days!!
Kanaxa also known as Nathalie Gray, award-winning Science Fiction author, has done a fantastic job with the covers of all three, as you know. She is an absolute professional, a talented artist, and so very generous in collaborating with authors on cover design.
As an important part of republishing the first three books in the series, the marvelous Patricia Rice, New York Times Bestselling Author of magical romance novels, agreed to allow a quote from her review of the series to be used on the cover. Kanaxa was instrumental in adding this lovely little recommendation quote to the covers in exactly the right spot: “One of my favorite new series.”
But the newly redesigned cover flats – the industry term for the art for the entire cover, front, back, and spine – are GORGEOUS! I wanted you guys to see them first in all their glory. Be sure to click on the cover flat to see it in all its high resolution splendor. ENJOY!

More Than Magic

Mostly Magic

Making Magic

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