Giveaway WINNERS!

The giveaway that I ran in the latest Newsletter for Furious Fireflies is COMPLETE. The newsletter provided subscribers with an update on the status of the next three books in The Books of the Kindling series – Mirror Magic, Missing Magic, and Momentary Magic as well as a giveaway of THREE lovely prizes.

Loyal readers and subscribers Patricia B., Sarah F., and Anne B. won the three prizes for this giveaway – their choice of a blue, green, or yellow glow-in-the-dark FIREFLY necklace.

Firefly Necklace

Don’t forget, the recent GDPR regulations in Europe required me to start over with my newsletter for Furious Fireflies. Even if you think you already signed up, please sign up again if you missed this contest. Don’t miss out on future giveaways and sneak peeks at future Books of the Kindling and other books! Just sign up in the sidebar on the right ==> or by clicking on the image of my newsletter below so you can win some cool stuff too!

GDPR Newsletter

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