An Important Journal Page

The Kindling

In More Than Magic, Grace Woodruff discovers the journals of her great-great-great-grandmother, Granny Lily. A few of the pages in those journals have been impacted by the passage of time and the ink of some important portions has faded or been completely obliterated.

This page, labeled “The Kindling” by Granny Lily, plays a very important role in the Books of the Kindling. As you can see, the original page suffered a great deal of damage. Although the portion that is legible is very interesting, you can see why Grace, Nick and Daniel would want the chance to read the rest. Here is the original, pre-restoration page:

The Kindling Damaged

Dr. Diana Morgan, one of Daniel’s friends and colleagues, is an expert in document preservation and restoration. She appears in Mostly Magic and Making Magic and is the main character in Mirror Magic. She managed to restore the page from Granny Lily’s journal labeled “The Kindling” to nearly pristine condition. You can see a copy of the restored page in both Mostly Magic and Making Magic.

In Mostly Magic Grace and Nick analyze “The Kindling” in detail, concerned about the impact their gifts will have on their lives…and realize the impact the “old magic” might have on the future of the world.


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