Mostly Magic

Second Book of the Kindling

reviewertoppickNight Owl Reviews says: “This is the second in a series and it was just as good as the first…This is a great series so far and I can’t wait for the next one.” – Five Star – Top Pick

Paranormal Romance Fans for Life says: “Donna June Cooper has done it again. More than Magic captured my heart and my imagination when I reviewed it…and now the second in the Books of the Kindling series, Mostly Magic, meets the very high bar this author sets for herself…Once again, the story captivates with lyric beauty, humor, tension, mystery and love – of family, of friendship, of life, and of the environment…Very well done.” – Five Plus Fangs

Read What I Like says: “I was hooked from the beginning and enjoyed every minute…The book was a fun ride and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in the world…I expect her future additions to this series will just continue to get better and better.” – Five Stars

One terrifying premonition brings them together. Another will threaten their future.

Do dreams come true? Dr. Daniel Woodruff hopes they don’t, because his dreams predict a devastating future for him, for those he loves—and for the planet.


His latest premonition, which blows a huge crater in his eroding sanity, holds a singular horror—the loss of a wife and unborn child. Yet another reason he can let no one into his chaotic life, least of all a perky, persistent investigative reporter he finds simultaneously frustrating and fascinating.

Mel Noblett leaves no stone unturned in her one-woman crusade to save the environment. When a whistleblower in Italy proves too frightened to talk, Mel turns to a fall-back lead, an extremely eccentric, beekeeping professor who might just make the trip worthwhile.

Despite their instant attraction, Mel is relieved when Daniel keeps her at arm’s length. After all, she has a secret of her own—one that makes her preternaturally good at her job. And, when Daniel’s terrifying visions prove cannily accurate and begin to revolve around Mel—it is a gift that could put her life in danger.

Warning: Reluctant seer of a bleak future meets petite force of nature who lights up the heart of his darkness. Where there’s smoke, there could be an unpredictable blaze of passion, but the rewards are oh, so sweet…

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(The gorgeous cover for Mostly Magic was created by the fabulously talented KaNaXa aka Nathalie Gray.)

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