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Caliente D. Cooper – My Co-Author

Cali 3That lovely lady to the left is Caliente D. Cooper. Cali is a Jack Russell Terrier. And yes, JRTs can be furry – aka rough-coated – as well as smooth and broken-coated. Cali has a particularly lovely, shiny coat, but underneath you can see the usual JRT spots!

Any author who has a furred (or otherwise coated) companion will tell you how important their companion is to their writing, and their life (and health – as I write this, Cali is standing behind my chair whining to remind me that it’s time for my daily walk!) Caliente D. Cooper is my companion, dear friend, and co-author, and she tells you all about it in her interview on The Snarkology.

I had a bit of trepidation about letting Cali “tell all” on the internet. I mean, she does sleep in my bed, accompany me into the bathroom, and see me at 5 am – in other words, she is privy to all MANNER of things I wouldn’t want splashed across social media. But I shouldn’t have worried. Cali is the soul of discretion and my dear friend (and she responds well to bribes involving longer walks and cream cheese).

Please go enjoy Cali’s internet debut. She is all a-twitter about being the focus of various social media posts and tweets today!

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