Woodruff Mountain Map

Can Magic Be Mapped?

Woodruff Mountain is a gorgeous mountain in Western North Carolina on the edge of the Pisgah National Forest that has been the home of the Woodruff family for centuries. Covered with ancient hardwoods and teeming with flora and fauna – some of them endangered, Woodruff Mountain hides a magical secret that will change the future of the Woodruff family and all of those who come under its spell…and perhaps the future of the world.

This map details the two most important areas of the mountain – the main house and the old home place. The distance between them is shortened on the map. Some of the most significant settings in the series are here, because Woodruff Mountain is the heart of the Books of the Kindling. No matter where the stories travel, they always come back to this mountain.

You can click on the map below for a much larger version.

The Kindling Damaged


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