I’m Donna June Cooper and I write romance – contemporary romance with a small town feel, a lot of suspense, some laughter, some tears, some fireflies, and a twist of science fiction. My series, the Books of the Kindling, focuses on Woodruff Mountain, the ancient and incomprehensible power beneath it, and the family that has hidden its secrets for centuries.

The first trilogy in the series was originally published by Samhain and I am republishing it with new titles, spiffed up covers, and a bit of a polish (i.e. rewrite!) In addition, the next trilogy in the series is nearly ready to go and the final trilogy, along with a few novellas and short stories, is tumbling out of this author’s head in the form of outlines and notes and all kinds of good stuff!

It’s been a while, but to be honest, I could not abandon this story. Maybe it’s a dangerous sign if an author likes reading her own books, but… I do! I love these characters and I love the tale they are telling.

I just finished a prequel to the series. It is a novella, about 40,000 words. And I am going to offer it free in eBook to the lovely readers signed up for my newsletter.  (It will be available in trade paperback too, but at a low price just to cover the cost of printing.) I REALLY loved writing it and I think everyone who read the original trilogy will enjoy it!

So, thank you for checking in. Please do check back.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
– Arthur C. Clarke

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