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Summer 2016 Newsletter Giveaway

As we slog through the dog days of summer yearning for autumn, our newsletter has an exciting giveaway underway for subscribers! A couple of GREAT prizes and all kinds of easy ways to enter multiple times!

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The Music Maker of Making Magic

Jake Moser, the hero of Making Magic, is not only a gifted musician, he is also a talented musical instrument maker. Some of the musical instruments that Jake crafts by hand are not widely known. In fact, I had to spend some time figuring out how to describe them to readers might not be familiar with instruments like these or might not have had the chance to hear true Appalachian folk music.
Hammered DulcimerJake’s favorite instrument is the hammered dulcimer. As he describes it: “The hammered dulcimer is like a guitar with no neck, a much bigger soundboard, a lot more strings and two sound holes. And what makes it more fun? You play by whacking on it with tiny hammers.” It is truly a gorgeous instrument, both in looks and in sound. And Jake, unlike many dulcimer makers, still hand carves his rosettes – those pretty pieces in the sound holes. It is an ancient instrument found under various names in many countries. In fact, the piano is a direct descendant of the hammered dulcimer.
Bowed PsalteryJake also makes the bowed psaltery, another little known instrument with a long history. This one has ancient origins beginning with the zither. But the psaltery was actually reinvented as a bowed instrument in the 1940s. If you are familiar with an autoharp, the bowed psaltery is similar except without the “automatic” dampers. And instead of being strummed, the bowed psaltery is played with a bow, or two bows in some cases. Like the mountain dulcimer, it can be held and played in many different ways.
Mountain Dulcimer

Another instrument which Jake makes is the mountain dulcimer or fretted dulcimer. It is also called the lap dulcimer, because it is traditionally laid in the musician’s lap and strummed, but it can be played many different ways. The history of this instrument is interesting and was only recently completely understood. It is also called the Appalachian dulcimer because that is where it originated – in the mountains, apparently as a result of the violin being more time-consuming and difficult to create. It is one of the easiest stringed instruments to learn how to play.
FluteBack when he was a teenager, Jake carved wooden flutes for two important people in his life. The wooden creature on top of the flute is called a “fetish”. (That word resulted in some interesting discussions with my editor.) The fetish is usually an animal of some significance in the particular tribal tradition, such as an eagle, bear, cougar (“painter”), or coyote.
And finally, Jake carves wooden pendants for necklaces much like these. (We gave one of these away in a recent newsletter contest!)

One of the necklaces that Jake made plays a rather important role in the book.
So now, when you read Making Magic, you will be able to visualize the musical instruments that play a role in the story!

Making Magic

Read What I Like Giveaway

The fabulous Amy at Read What I Like is having a special event this week for the publication of Making Magic.

Amy is hosting a giveaway of the first two Books of the Kindling, More Than Magic and Mostly Magic in anticipation of the release of Making Magic on January 20th.

For a chance to win both eBooks More Than Magic and Mostly Magic, please visit Read What I Like by clicking on the link below.


Thank you, Amy!

Promotions Coming Up!

I’m having a Book Blitz and a Release Day blitz promotion with my friends at Book Partners in Crime Promotions!

The Book Blitz for More Than Magic is on January 8th. The Book Blitz for Mostly Magic is 1/13. The sign-up form to participate is here.

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The Release Day Blitz for Making Magic is on January 20th. The sign-up form to participate is here.

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If you are a book blogger or reviewer, please consider participating. If you are a reader, please share if you know any book reviewers or book bloggers who might be interested! Thanks!

Mostly Magic Release Celebration Blog Tour Continues!

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The Mostly Magic Release Celebration Blog Tour continues on the Paulettes Papers and the Shooting Stars Reviews blogs today. The lovely ladies of these blogs are hosting week long giveaways to celebrate the release of Mostly Magic.

The post at Paulettes Papers offers up one of Ouida’s favorite recipes. (Ouida is the cook and surrogate grandmother at Woodruff Herb Farm and Cabins.) The post at Shooting Stars Reviews offers up the music of Mostly Magic and gives you a great little playlist sampler to listen to them!

The giveaways are even easier to enter than the one here on the website! Seriously, you just go to the posts on the blogs, scroll to the bottom, and you will see the Rafflecopter giveaway. All you have to do to enter is…press Enter! Plus there are lots of other easy ways to enter as well, if you like.

Your chances of winning a $10 Amazon GC (or that cute little bee charm) plus copies of both books are REALLY good!

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